About Me

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I'm a fifth year PhD Candidate and National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellow in the Department of Linguistics at the University of Washington. My research is primarily in the areas of computational sociolinguistics, or how our social identity affects how we use language in computational contexts.

Some current research projects:

  • Dissertation: I am modelling the role of both acoustic information and knowledge about the speaker on perceptual adaptation to new dialects. This will provide a roadmap to help automatic speech recognition adapt to new accents in a human-like way. 
  • Studying language use and variation on social media (see publications)

Media coverage:

Education and Outreach:

  • Instructing for Software Carpentry, a volunteer organization which offers free introductory courses in scientific computing (Unix shell, Python, R, Git, SQL).
  • Writing a blog to introduce linguistics concepts to a lay audience.
  • Running the Lingstatschat Slack, a place for people to talk about linguistics and statistics in a welcoming, low-stakes environment. Sign up here.
  • Volunteering at outreach events such as Paws On Science at the Pacific Science Center.